Step into my parlor…

Most people know me to be a bit of a coffee addict, however I managed to become quite the connaisseur of tea while living in New Orleans many years ago.  Instead of engaging in our usual afternoon cocktail hour, my friends and I would occasionally organize fabulous tea parties.  Inspired by the fine English tradition of afternoon tea, these little get-togethers were a way to relax with the simple pleasures of a fine beverage and good conversation.

Tea Time top and skirt

The “Tea Time” style group is dedicated to the diverse personalities that made up my little tea parties.  The top and skirt embrace the tradition of English plaid contrasted with London 1970′s punk style.  The matching pillbox hat has classic vintage allure with the spooky twist of a Kustom Voodoo skull flower.  The “Tea Time” necklace is a captivating piece comprised of a skeleton key pendant accentuated by a ruby red rosary style chain.

Tea Time hat and necklace

From my tea party to yours, wishing you all the best in 2014!

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (yes, you)

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (yes, you)


Flying High with Retro Clothing

Debutante dress in Key To My Heart colorway, modeled by Moxie Macabre | Poison CandyGraceful, fearless and effortlessly floating above, a magnificent hawk caught my eye.  Its wings were fully extended taking advantage of the updraft between beautiful desert hills. Completely at ease, the hawk couldn’t care less if I was staring and that quality made it even more breathtaking.  It seems to me a lot of women who choose retro fashion understand this; when you are at ease with yourself, you are even more beautiful.  Wearing gorgeous, colorful retro clothes is not just fun, it is a way of expressing a love of self as well as an appreciation for beauty.  It is best carried off by women who are confident enough not to care if they stand out in the crowd and others stare.

The grace and elegance of an earlier time is missed in much of today’s fashions.  Practicality and comfort often trump the artistic nature of bygone times.  And the fear of standing out or being judged as too feminine has steered the contemporary market place.  Contemporary clothes manufacturers shoot for playing it safe.

Not so in the past.  Consider the 30’s and 40’s curve enhancing fashions and the 50’s figure accentuating cuts that enhanced the natural feminine form.  Dressing retro, wearing Rock a billy and even choosing colorful mod clothing is a way for confident women to embrace and recapture their classic feminine beauty from eras when women were graceful and it was OK for men to notice.  It was a carefree time when beauty was celebrated and encouraged, not down played.

Many women in the workplace are retaking their femininity with flirty dresses and retro inspired looks.  They are smart enough to know the boundaries and make choices that work even in the office and are filling their closet with more and more retro fashion that helps them stand out in the crowd.  As their confidence grows, so does their wardrobe.  They demand to be judged by their talents and refuse to play it safe.  The choice to “go retro“ is a lot like that beautiful hawk; carefree, confident and flying high.