Knock 'em dead with a Poison Candy® original from our versatile dress range. Our dresses provide a superior fit and are constructed from the highest quality fabrics.
"I’ve been a customer of Poison Candy since the beginning, for 7 years, and I must say I’ve never made such a commitment to any clothing company like I have to this one. I know that when I’m craving a new dress I can always come here and I will not be disappointed. The quality, the style, and the fit are always just perfect and fit my curves like a glove. The dresses from Poison Candy hold up well over time and don’t go “out of style”: I still wear the very first dresses that I bought. Not only do I feel great in them, but others (yes, even strangers) constantly compliment whatever Poison Candy dress I wear, and ask where I got it from. The way these people react to a Poison Candy dress just reinforces the fact that these dresses have something special. It is awesome knowing that these aren’t pieces of clothing merely bought off a rack, but have a personality of their own."

Lisa Peters
Evie Van Covet